Monday, August 4, 2008

Gary the Ufo Hacker

| Armando Romeo |

This is how they call him. The all-times best hacker. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but since Mitnick "just" used social engineering to own the top world companies, I might say Gary may easily be called such.

He managed to break into US military networks from his bedroom. Using a 56K dial up. Once again this is what the press says, I don't trust press writing about hackers anymore, I've read enough of their fake stories.

But this time I feel we are really against someone who will hit history books.

For his skills and above all for his attacks main focus: finding evidences of extraterrestrial life and hidden governments projects.

Something, I personally judge the best reason you can have if you're going to risk 60 years of jail, extradition and imprisonment in Guantanamo.

Where you won't get a (real) lawyer. At least this is what the TV tells us in Europe, but if you're a US reader you may have different information.

The 42 years old man, mainly took control of US military machines through blank or default password-protected operatying systems.

It seems that while we go after super advanced attacking techniques and exploit codes, the best hackers are still the ones who are able to exploit the most widespread vulnerability of this world: stupidity.

If I had to break into some (supposed) super secured system I would start thinking of all the most elite exploits I could think of and probably forget about simple blank password trials. Am I overestimating Govt's security guys?

Hackers are running much faster than system administrators. And system administrators silliness don't make all the hacking research effort worth it.
Nasa, please at least provide some passwords to your systems. Even 4-5 figures number. Or hackers will be depressed.

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