Friday, August 8, 2008

iPhone owns you : Warshipping

| Armando Romeo |

You have a package sitting in your shipping department addressed to "U R Owned, INC." ? Well, it may be David Maynor, CTO of Errata Sec, trying to Warshipping you !

In my opinion this is the most clever research I've heard so far in the war driving field. Basically David, is using an iPhone, empowered with passive sniffing tools to make a reconaissance tour of the inner wifi networks of a company without being right there with a car and huge antennas pretending to be TV technicians fixing cable TV.

The package would be shipped to a non-existent recipient at the company's address and probably stay there for some time (the recipient is non-existent) and then being sent back.

The iPhone 3g, under At&t network coverage could be even capable of receiving new commands like a real trojan horse, but I guess this was not the main purpose of the research. But surely feasible.

David Maynor is presenting this research today at Defcon and new details will be available soon.

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