Monday, October 20, 2008

My picks for hakin9 news

| Armando Romeo |
hakin9 is bimonthly magazine about hacking and IT security, available in 7 languages, covering techniques of breaking into computer systems, defense and protection methods from a learn by practice perspective. This means you don't find abstract theory. Every article is supported by tested source code and proof of concept. This what makes the difference from other similar journals in my opinion.

I'm very proud to be a stable contributor to the magazine providing the hottest news in the industry for every issue.

I have complete freedom of choice both in picking the best news and what to write about them. This means you read unbiased reviews and vendor-independent tests.

(Image refers to issue n.5 available now, next issue cover is not yet finalized)

I just finished to write the last news for the next issue that should be available for everyone in a month. So I thought to list here my picks as a summary of what happened in the security industry in the last 2 months

  1. Clickjacking vulnerability explosion
    It was impossible not to write something about the most discussed vulnerability in the web application security field since weeks...
  2. Google Chrome release
    We all know the breakthrough of the month was the new browser released by Google...with annexed all the bugs shipped with it
  3. T-mobile data breach
    Over 11 millions customers data exposed...
  4. Privacy in the couterterrorism era
    Finally U.S. National Research Council realized that may be privacy of U.S. citizen has been abused too much in the name of the anti-terror fight
  5. Graphic cards cracking WPA2
    With new graphic cards, much more power is available for videogames...and wireless cracking
  6. World's most popular smartcard hacked
    The hack-the-rfid saga goes on with more issues for the top seller in the field
hakin9 is available in printed and digital version. If you want to become an author just mail me and I will route you to the right person.

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