Monday, November 17, 2008

Web 2.0? Brothel of Social media whores

| Armando Romeo |
Web 2.0 is not just a bunch of new technologies melt together to build a new concept of the web.
It's turning upside down the way the web was conceived at first.
In the old web, websites fed visitors through contents. With web 2.0 visitors feed websites
with their own content. What is bad in my opinion is taht, in the last 2 years of web 2.0 this content has been our own lives, photos, postal addresses, habits, likes and dislikes. (Well actually not mine).

People has been feeding these websites with almost everything they can say about themselves. (With a bunch of made up lies to appear smarter).
If there was so many smart people as Facebook profiles show, there would be no Facebook at all probably.

Although you will never see my name on Facebook or similar amenities, I wouldn't blame Facebook and the other social networks.

They are just giving people what they have been waiting for years. Their 15 minutes of fame camouflaged under the "connect with your friends". And they made some good cash too.

Have you ever seen people fighting in real life and then be "friends" on Facebook. Well I have.
I'm amazed at how good such websites are to have people make up with each others.

Facebook is the most successful peacekeeper after 2nd world war.

I can't help the rapid growth of social media whores, (smores as Kawasaki uses to call them) but I sure can be concerned at how these social networks have distorted the use of the web 2.0 in terms of privacy. People is still too freaked out to listen to these rants. The hype will go on for a while. Privacy is a void word. Has it any meaning nowadays anymore?

...when your President silently grants legal immunity to telco companies systematically abusing of your privacy ?Retroactively.

With Social networking explosion, someone has ranted about privacy and the social impact this may have.
Someone smarter has seen a business through it. New start ups have been raised up from these concerns.
Not helping it. But worsening it.
Or just proving that the rants of the old school people had some truth.
At least they say it clear:

Pay to know people's life before you hire them. Cause they're on Facebook. How to blame them.
You see the forest. If you pay you see the tree and all his leaves.

Spokeo is amazing. Take some minutes to try it. Cause it gives amazing results. It's a good termometer of yourself positioning in the smores chart.

But it's not the only. Wink is another. YoName another.

Coca-Cola, Blockbuster, Verizon, Sony Pictures and Condé Nast have come on board. On Facebook board. Guess what? How do you think they will use your habits?

Why spending millions on ads on TV shows. TV is in broadcast. Facebook is targeted.
Social Networks is a breakthrough for Marketing. Same as Switches versus Hubs.

I'm waiting for new technologies of photo-recognition through.
Recognizing acne from your picture can be so compelling to cosmetic companies marketing dept.
Don't you think?

Ah btw, if you want to increase your Facebook friend list, here is a smore telling us how
So I'll start.

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