Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obama and the new CyberSecurity Army

| Armando Romeo |
President Obama will officially announce a new department to protect cyberspace from hackers, thieves and foreign agents, coordinating security efforts across U.S. military, intelligence and civilian agencies.

The new effort is meant to protect US government assets from random hackers but above all from foreign governments threats.

Although the name of the department will still be "Einstein", created by GW Bush, it will have much more power to to respond and defeat cyber threats.

U.S. options could include trade or financial sanctions or military attacks in response to hacking attempts

It seems to me that we are giving more power to the hackers this way. And it's a big mistake.
Fighting cybercrime should be a a cyber fight. A skills fight.

If a bunch of hackers will have the power to cause financial sanctions (not to talk about militiary attacks) more and more people will try to hack penthagon.

You cannot demonstrate whether it was a chinese hacker to break into Merkel's laptop launching an attack from there. Would they bomb Germany?

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