Monday, December 29, 2008

Winner of the Survey contest is...

| Armando Romeo |
etr[**] who has already received the HSC Ethical Hacker Kit as the prize of the contest.

The survey collected almost 100 responses, very useful to us to understand, where we were and where we are now in the everyday challenge to make our site a useful one-stop place for security people.

Personally, I expected more criticisms on the layout and navigability. They instead proved to be very appreciated although some improvements were suggested.

Most of our visitors asked for more contents: Tools, Exploits and new researches above all.

As you may already have noticed, we are adding the most important exploits everyday, not just as an external link, but as our own content.
Moreover, Basher is taking care of the tools and we are having 2-3 new tools everyweek, with snapshots and descriptions.

As I am personally more and more busy with Security Brigade and the old staff is busy with everyday job we are still looking for people willing to take part of our projects. We mainly need webdevelopers and content providers. And we are open to anyone willing to exploit our big audience to start blogging in our blogs.

I have many projects, on my papers, I only need help from you ;)

Anyway, I wish a great 2009 to all of our members!

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