Friday, March 20, 2009

More Amazing content from CanSecWest: Presenters demonstrate the ability to sniff keystrokes via a laser and keyboard power

| Brett D. Arion |
Researchers and hackers never cease to amaze me with the things they come up with. We've all heard of TEMPEST in the past that allows someone to tell what is actually being displayed on a monitor by having a slew of sophisticated equipment pointed at a monitor measuring the electromagnetic radiation, but now it seems that it is possible to sniff: "keystroke vibrations using a laser trained on a shiny laptop or through electrical signals coming from a PC connected to a PS/2 keyboard and plugged into a socket." You can read the post from CNET here.

Leave us a comment and tell us of any unusual methods you have used during an engagement, or what would be some other possible avenues of hacking that have yet to be thought of.....I personally am waiting for the "lie-to-me" facial recognition effect....My boss can tell when I'm not working by having a camera trained on my face and seeing JOY instead of DISGUST...(a little humor there, I LOVE my job..;P )

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