Monday, December 28, 2009

eLearnSecurity : Breaking into system is no more enough

| Armando Romeo |
Hello everyone. We have been out for awhile working on the upcoming and long awaited eLearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional Course.

The work has been hard as you can see here but the feedbacks from the first test run have been great: the 5 CISSP's who have evaluated one of our modules have been amazed of how simple and interactive it is to learn the most advanced pentesting techniques.

We already have 400 reserved seats and you can be notified of the release by clicking here

If you're not up to date about eLearnSecurity project read on:
it's a project born as the natural evolution of Hackers Center philosophy of teaching security matters in the most simple way possible.

From the HSC Ethical Hacker Kit we moved towards a completely new way of distance training security professionals:

  • 2000+ Interactive slides
  • 5 hours of videos
  • Practical examples in every module
  • 3 Sections (Net Security Testing, Web App seecurity testing, System security)
  • Labs
Just another Pentesting course?
Not really. We aim at providing the necessary background study that will make you a real penetration tester: from legal perspective to the most advanced techniques explained step by step.

Breaking into system is no more enough: you need to provide solutions to your clients.
At the end of the course you will be capable of understanding (and exploiting) every threat in its smallest part and identify the root cause suggesting the best remediation methodology.

The Professional version of our course will cover much more than any other course available now at the same or even much higher price.
  • Web application security
    Information gathering, Web server hacking, Exploiting XSS, SQLi, CSRF, HTTP Session attacks, CSRF, Response splitting, Client side attacks, Web server rooting + 2 hours of videos

  • Network Security
    Information gathering, Fingerprinting, Mapping the network, SNMP Enumeration, Advanced scanning, Sniffing, Vulnerability assessment and remote exploitation + 2 hours of videos

  • System Security
    Cryptography, Writing advanced malwares, Metmorphic and polymorphic coding, Advanced Buffer overflows, Shellcoding, Writing rootkits step by step + 1 hour of videos
Note: we do not include topics in our syllabus just for the sake of having them listed: we actually cover everything in depth and with real world examples.

Release date and price
Price and release date have not yet been decided.

Estimate for Professional version is : end of January 2010
Estimate for Student version is : end of March 2010

Stay tuned on twitter for more release information

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