Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Another Penetration testing course

| Armando Romeo |
Have you ever attended a Penetration testing course?
Have you found it vague/boring? Far from what your clients are asking you?

If your answer is no, you can skip this post.
If your answer is yes, me and other 2 instructors have worked for 1 full year to provide you with a different distance learning training.

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of our Penetration testing course - Professional who features Brett Arion, Vipin & Nitin Kumar and myself as authors of the three knowledge domains covered:

  1. Network attacks
  2. Web application attacks
  3. System security
We are in the field since 2001 with Hackers Center. We have been involved in a lot of ethical hacking training sessions. Times of courses going one mile wide and one inch deep are gone.

Our goal was indeed to go a lot in depth, to explain the how and the why of each technique.
We didn't want you to master just tools, but also to grasp the important aspects related to any security issues that would enable you to provide solutions as an IT Security professional.

We never believed that firing up a couple of tools or a live distro would make you a professional pentration tester. There's a lot more involved.

In years and years of pentests carried out for all kinds of environments we realized that what we were asked to accomplish was each time:

  • Understanding the client's business
  • Provide a detailed remediation plan
  • Provide business-aware solutions
The bottom line of a penetration test is indeed to provide solutions. You certainly have to master the most advanced techniques and best tools available. What about doing this from home?

To reach our goal of providing a great training for both newcomers and professional pentesters we needed experts in each pentesting field and a great distance elearning system that could let us cover the most difficult topics in an interactive fashion.

We come up with 1600 interactive flash slides, self-assessment quizzes, practical exercises,
4 hours of video training and a final certification exam that will evaluate not only your findings but also your final report.

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